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The Most Important Factor When Choosing Your Marketing Channels

Context is everything in marketing, and you should always keep yours in mind when you think about the best ways to grow your business.

Just because a marketing channel or tactic is hot right now, doesn’t mean it should be a priority for your business.

Our guests on this episode of Shopify Masters are Wilson Hung and Jack Meredith, who focus on growth at Kettle & Fire: the first (& only) grass-fed, non-frozen bone broth company.

They share how they think about marketing and why they chose to do PPC, influencer marketing, content marketing, and then Facebook ads—in that order.

For paid search, what are the search volumes? What’s your average order values? What are the margins on your product? Depending on that, maybe paid search isn’t the best option. Maybe you need to go for lower customer acquisition cost channels.

Tune in to learn

  • Why they started with PPC first
  • Why you want to find influencers who are willing to work for commission
  • Why every piece of content you create needs to live and die by an SEO opportunity

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Show Notes

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