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We help brands unlock the power of their data.


Insights & Strategy

Using a blend of data science and cultural research as our foundation, our goal is to uncover powerful insights and ideas that transform the way that organizations think about their business. From there, we develop audience frameworks, creative messaging guides, go-to-market plans, and task briefs that set the stage for advanced data-driven marketing.


Data & Analytics

We use rich data and analytic architecture to set your business up to make well informed data-driven decisions. We constantly monitor and optimize your strategy based on the specific analytic data we generate from consumer behavior and interaction with your brand.


Ecosystem Architecture

We use lean no-code solutions to build the most efficient digital ecosystem for your eCommerce business. This goes beyond just a website, it includes the many other necessary touchpoints and communications that you need with your audience and potential customers. The proper foundation is the key to growth and fuels the ability to scale and be nimble.


Adapt & Scale

One of the benefits of operating lean is the ability to adapt, adjust, and scale easily. Once all the parts are in place we work with businesses to ensure all data, tools, and analytics are driving business decisions. We want your business goals to be your driving force. Technology and best practices are always changing, we ensure you are adapting and always positioned to scale and meet your goals.


Ideation. Strategy. Validation. Analysis. Growth.

Implementation vs. Consultation

Whether you need help with implementation, just high-level strategic planning, or some combination of the two we’re here for you. We take the time to learn and understand your business and its unique needs and market space. We’ll guide you through the process and ensure you get the most valuable solutions for your business.


Not only will we learn your business and provide our guidance and recommendations, but we will also gladly help you with the implementation of your lean digital ecosystem. We’ll also be here to make sure you are not on your own once things are up and running.


Some businesses and founders have the capabilities to take on some of the implementations in-house. We will always recommend doing as much in house as possible if you have the resources and talent. We’ll work with your executive team to develop the best strategy and ensure the proper implementation and optimization of your ecosystem.

Our Methodology

We help brands
achieve sustainable

A phased approach to helping DTC brands validate, launch, and scale using data and a lean digital ecosystem.

Phase 1.


We learn your unique business needs and goals.

Phase 2.


We’ll take a deep dive into your business and analyze the best opportunities and areas for improvement.

Phase 3.

Strategic Planning.

Putting the best plan in place to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Phase 4.

Ecosystem Architecture.

Piecing together the best structure and foundational maker up of your ideal digital ecosystem.

Phase 5.

Data & Analytic Mapping

Using rich data and analytics planning to set your business up to make data-driven decisions.

Phase 6.


We’ll build and put all the technical pieces together that make up a lean and efficient ecosystem.

Phase 7.


Once all the infrastructure is built, the time is perfect for implementing the best tools that make your business a well-oiled machine.

Phase 8.

Testing & Optimization.

We always test and tweak to make sure things are running smoothly and fully optimized for the best results possible.

Phase 9.

Launch & Measure.

Launch time is exciting but also needs to be carefully thought out. We help make sure your launch goes smoothly, is planned and we are carefully measuring data and analytics to ensure optimal results.

Phase 10.

Adapt & Scale.

The digital world moves fast and is always changing. We ensure you always stay lean, nimble, and current in order to allow for sustainable growth. We use rich data to optimize all aspects of your business from automated messaging to campaign optimization.


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We’ve created a network of partner agencies to help provide the best professional services to our clients.


Branding Boutique Agency

The GRIO Agency

Brand Story Agency

FENX Digital

Paid Media Agency


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“EightyWest is part of our team, helping to crystalize our vision and help deliver incredible results in record time.”
Francisco Sanchez

Founder, Biscayners

“The team at Eighty West took the time to sit down with us, learn the business, and were very hands-on with helping us put the foundation in place to allow us to scale and grow organically.”
Ryan Dockman

Co-founder, Kapok Naturals

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